About Us

Urban Angus is based in the Hunter Valley of NSW and was established by Matt & Aimee Urban in 2005. We maintain a herd of 100 HBR registered stud cows and hold an on property sale annually. 

We have gradually built our cow herd by selecting females that originate from proven blood lines, with a focus on fertility and temperament. We are still considered a young stud, however we are pretty happy with the consistency that we are starting to see in our cow herd and the bulls they are producing. 

Our herd has been established with cattle purchased from Forres, Knowla, Kenny's Creek, Wattletop, Millah Murrah and Witherswood. We enjoy buying cattle and are not afraid to see what a new cow family can offer our herd.

We are continually on the lookout for new genetics and utilise AI & ET to improve the speed of our herds genetic gain. We cull heavily and only grow out a select number of bulls that we are proud to put the Urban Name to. 

We enjoy producing quiet easy doing cattle, 

and we are always keen to produce a

 better draft than the year before.